Legend Chimes -Model Villa Interiors

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Kokapet, Hyderabad

Built In: 2012

Area: 4500 sq. ft.

Our minimalist interior design concept for the model villa was to emphasize the split-level architecture of the villa.

A continuous uniform flooring on the ground floor makes the space seem much larger, which is interspersed with flamed Indian Mahogany steps moving from one level to another. Contemporary materials like metal, wood and glass have been used in the interiors which rendered a modern effect to the space.

Our villa’s design showcased a modern lifestyle in present day times and is equipped with a modular kitchen, toilets with the latest fittings and fixtures etc.

The villa had mood lighting with multiple light settings which allows character changing spaces with a single touch. The bedrooms were designed with cove lighting, which rendered a soft wash of light on the walls, creating a perfectly romantic milieu. Niches provided in various areas, lit up with a blue light were used to keep small artifacts.