I4 Trendset Vantage, Banjara Hills

Location Banjara Hills, Hyderabad
2006 Area: 2650 sq. ft.

Private Residence: Apartment Interiors

We based the apartment design on principles of simplicity and comfort. In other words, a Back to Basics, with pure lines predominance, thereby building exquisite spaces further enhanced by the immaculate white plastered walls in the background.

The living spaces were expanded by eliminated separations between rooms and functions, thus creating a sense of oneness and openness with areas flowing into one another. The use of contemporary materials like glass, wood and steel lent a minimalist and contemporary look to the home. This was further enhanced by a solid non-reflective floor done up in sandblasted, hand polished yellow Jaisalmer stone.

A Ganesh mural in stone outside the main door welcomes one into the modern and stylishly done up apartment. This actually covers a window opening into the gym area. A stone mural depicting a human form in a meditative posture dominates the formal drawing room, which is separated from the dining room by sliding glass partitions suspended from the top.

A wall in the kid's room was painted orange to add life and color. The third bedroom has been converted into a gym. The bar is housed in the living room in the pooja room space. We placed the pooja room in the dressing space of the third bedroom. The modular kitchen design was complemented by the Indian blue Tandoor flooring that accentuates the white kitchen appeal created to suit modern needs and cooking habits.